Carley Segers

Carley skated competitively for 10 years, taking lessons from Stephanie Troyer and Megan Riedy. Carley was coached by Autumn Campailla and Chris Martin for a few years in ice dance lessons. She has also worked with coaches such as Parker Pennington and Serguei & Elena Zaitsev. Carley coaches in the Learn-to-Skate Basic Skills program and Junior Club. She teaches on-ice classes during the summer skating program, as well. In addition to coaching, Carley plans to graduate from The University of Akron in December 2018 with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Intervention Specialist.

Disciplines of Skating Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field,

          Choreography, and Basic Skills

Experience:  Coaching since 2013

Home Club: Center Ice Skating Club

Highest Tests Passed: Junior Moves in the Field, 

          Intermediate Freestyle, Pre-Silver Dance

​Phone: 330.958.5858