2020-21 Conflict Resolution Process for Center Ice Skating Club

The board shall have the power to discipline, suspend or terminate membership in the club in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the bylaws and/or club policy handbook. It is the expectation that the board will make every effort to resolve any conflict or dispute occurring between members. All conflicts brought to the board will be handled in a timely and confidential manner using due process.

Any member or members having a complaint against another member for an infraction of any bylaw, rule, policy, procedure, or behavioral misconduct may report in writing as outlined below. The complaint must be filed within 15 days of the incident, infraction or discovery of the alleged violation.

All complaints will be submitted in writing to the club president and will contain the following information. If the club president has a conflict of interest in the matter, the complaint will be submitted to another club officer.

  1. Name, contact information, U.S. Figure Skating membership number and signature of the party/parties filing the complaint.
  2. Name of the party/parties against whom the complaint is brought.
  3. The specific bylaw, rule, policy, procedure, or guideline allegedly violated.
  4. A statement of the facts surrounding the alleged violation. Include all necessary information such as date and time, location, specific facts, witnesses and testimony.
  5. Description of actions taken to attempt to resolve this matter informally.
  6. The desired action or outcome the grievant wishes to be taken to resolve the conflict by the board.

The club president or club officer who has received the complaint will appoint a review panel of three unbiased people from within the club board or club membership, not related or involved with the alleged incident/infraction. The president or officer will name one of the members of the review panel as chair of the review panel. The review panel will evaluate the complaint and determine what, if any, further action is necessary.

If accepted, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the person against whom the complaint has been filed. The parties to the matter will be notified in writing of the names of the members of the review panel. In the event any party believes that a member of the review panel has a conflict of interest, an objection to that member shall be submitted in writing to the club president or officer within three days of the notification in writing. The objection will indicate with specificity what is the basis of the conflict of interest. The club president or officer shall determine if the review panel member will be replaced. The decision of the club president or officer is final. The respondent will have 10 days to respond to the complaint in writing. The review panel will send a copy of the response to the person filing the complaint.

Unless the chair of the review panel determines otherwise, the chair of the review panel will then schedule a meeting with all parties involved within seven days for a full investigation in the matter and come to a decision to resolve the complaint.

The review panel will report the findings and recommendations to the club board within seven days of the last meeting scheduled in the matter. The decision will be presented to the board who may adopt the recommendation, modify the recommendation, or return the matter to the review panel with directions for further investigation and or for further recommendations by the review panel. Once the decision is adopted or modified by the board the outcome is considered final and will be communicated in writing to both parties within seven days of the action by the board.