Center Ice Skating Club - COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Below are the “Health and Safety Protocols” for the 2020-21 Season based upon the CDC and Restart Stark guidelines.  They are subject to change as state and local mandates evolve.  The Center Ice Skating Club is fully committed to the health, safety and well being of your skater.

Skater Arrival

  • Many skaters arrive at different times throughout the school year/ club season to skate FSO and/ or club.  We can only ask that they try not to linger in the lobby of the rink and remain socially distanced from each other.  (spaces are marked) ​
  • When at the rink they need to “Mask Up and Wash Up”.  As they arrive, each skater should be wearing a mask, wash their hands thoroughly and stay socially distanced from each other.
  • ​Try to arrive and leave the rink around your skating or lesson times to avoid too many skaters hanging out in the lobby.

Health Screening

  • As the skaters arrive for club the monitors will have them undergo a health screening.  If on FSO previous to club, please seek out a monitor to be checked.
  • All skaters will be monitored for the following:
    1. Visual signs – flushed cheeks, rapid breathing
    2. Confirmation that the skater has not been experiencing a cough, shortness of breath
    3. Confirmation that the skater has not been around anyone experiencing or confirmed of these symptoms in the last 14 days.
    4. Non-Contact Temperature will be taken. Must be less than 100.4°
    5. Hand Sanitize upon entering the ice.  (We hope every skater washes thoroughly upon entering the building also as they are coming from many different places.)
    6. Face Masks are to be worn while in the building until the skater takes the ice.
    7. Monitors & Coaches will also have had their temperature checked, wash or sanitize hands, and wear a mask. 
  • If a skater is showing any sign of being sick, they will be sent home and not allowed to enter the ice.  

Personal Belongings

  • ​As skaters arrive, they will find an X, and use that spot to place their belongings.  Those spots are marked to assist in the 6 ft apart distancing rule.  
  • ​Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we want to keep our skaters healthy and skating this season.