Alexa Hapstak

Alexa represents Center Ice Skating Club as both a competitive figure skater as well as a skating coach. Her main coaches are Michelle Dalton and Stephanie Troyer. She is working towards becoming a Gold Medalist in both Freestyle and Solo Ice Dance. As a coach, she helps skaters create a strong foundation by focusing on skating skills and proper technique. She is currently a senior at Hoover High School and plans to attend college to study exercise science.

Disciplines of Skating Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field,

         Choreography and Basic Skills

Experience:  Private lessons since 2021 & Learn-to-Skate since 2018

Home Club: Center Ice Skating Club

Highest Tests Passed: Senior Moves in The Field, Novice Freestyle,

         Pre-Silver Solo Ice Dance

Affiliations/Ratings: USFSA

​Phone: 330.323.6454