Audrey Altieri

Audrey skated at Center Ice Skating Club and was coached by Stephanie Troyer, Brian Linc, Autumn Campailla, and Chris Martin. She is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field. She has coached private lessons since 2015, LTS since 2008, Theatre on Ice since 2021, and has also choreographed and helped with several ice shows. Audrey has a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Mathematics Education from Miami University (2014), a Master’s of Arts in Teaching (Mathematics Education) from Miami University (2017), and a Masters of Public Policy from Vanderbilt University (2021). Audrey is currently a Strategic Data Project Fellow at Harvard University's Center for Education Policy Research and works as an Education Program Consultant for the North Carolina State Board of Education (remotely). 

Disciplines of Skating Taught: Freestyle, Moves, Choreography,

          Power, and Basic Skills

Experience: Coaching private lessons since 2015, and LTS since 2008

Home Club:  Center Ice Skating Club

Highest Tests Passed: Senior Moves, Intermediate Freestyle

Affiliations/Ratings: PSA and USFSA Instructor

​Phone: 330.933.5516