​​​​Kamryn Lorenzen

Kamryn has skated competitively since 2006 and continues competing at the novice level. She is the 2011 Intermediate National Dramatic Showcase Champion and has been a regional medalist. She continues to be coached by Stephanie Troyer, Tonia Kwiatkowski, and Chris Martin. Also, Kamryn has worked with coaches such as Parker Pennington, Serguei and Elena Zaitsev, and Shanetta Folle. She has taught Adaptive Learn-to-Skate and continues to teach in the Learn to Skate Basic Skills program. In addition to coaching and competitively skating, Kamryn is currently studying at the University of Akron.

Disciplines of Skating Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field, 

          Choreography, Flexibility

Experience: Coaching since 2010

Home Club: Pro. Member of Center Ice Skating Club

Highest Tests Passed: Senior Moves in the Field, 

          Senior Freestyle, Gold Dance 

Affiliations/Ratings: PSA, USFSA

Phone: 330.605.4255

E-mail: kamryn.lorenzen.7@hotmail.com